Snacking on Almonds Reduces Appetite

A study at Purdue University has provided evidence that snacking on almonds may be the ideal way to control cravings and hunger.

Individuals in the study were told to continue all their normal eating habits and physical activity, except:

(A) in one control group, participants were told not to have any seeds or nuts during the study


(B) in several snack groups, participants were asked to eat a handful of almonds (about 250 calories) daily, at designated times, in addition to their usual food intake.

At the end of the four week study, the people in the snack groups, despite ingesting about 250 additional calories per day from the almonds, did not gain any weight.In addition, the folks in the snack groups reported the most significant appetite suppression throughout the day.

This study suggests that almonds may be an ideal snack option, which is not only healthy, but can also help reduce food cravings and weight.

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