A Calorie Is Not A Calorie

For the first time, we have scientific evidence which helps explain why some folks can eat all they want without gaining weight, while others put on weight easily, even without overeating.

Researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital have identified a “helper” gene that aids in explaining why some people gain weight quickly while eating the exact same amount as others, who remain lean and gain no weight.

These scientists have been able to identify, and delete, a gene in mice that controls how quickly calories are burned.They were then able to identify one very obese child who had a gene-disabling mutation in the same gene.The results were recently published in the journal Science.

This gene-disabling  mutation helps explain why some people have a propensity to put on weight even though they eat normal amounts of food.

The commonly held wisdom that eating an extra 3500 calories will add one pound of fat to the body does not hold true for everyone.

There are genetic factors that determine how much of what we eat turns into fat.

It is now clear that it is unfair to always blame overweight people for lack of self control, because there are other important factors which they are helpless to control.

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