A Healthy Diet Slows Memory Loss

A diet rich in certain nutritious foods appears to an important factor in slowing cognitive decline, according to the results of a study revealed by Dr. M.C. Morris of the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

Participants in the study who followed a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, poultry, low fat dairy, nuts, and seeds, and low in sugar, salt and saturated fats, showed a significantly slower rate of cognitive decline than others who followed more typical American diets.

The authors studied over 800 dementia free adults who agreed to have annual cognitive and motor testing over an average of 4.7 years of follow up.

Among the individual dietary components contributing most significantly to the slower cognitive decline were higher servings of vegetables, nuts, seeds, peas and beans.

So make sure to eat lots of vegetables, peas and nuts every day.

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